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To revolutionize the dental industry by empowering dental manufacturers, dentists, and dental labs with cutting-edge AI technology that enhances patient care, streamlines workflows, and drives innovation.

That mission starts here.

Simmer was founded by a seasoned team of former Yahoo/Synopsys engineers and industry veterans who, inspired by the power of recent GPT models, sought to create a more efficient and effective way to find information essential for work and personal endeavors.

In our personal lives, we have tools to help us find pretty much whatever we need. Why don’t we have the search tools we need at work? And that was the beginning of Simmer.

We’re a team of curious and creative people who want to help each other get big things done, so we can help other teams do the same.

Our founder

Ramkumar Venkatesan

Founder & CEO (Simmer)

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